japanese inspired garden

I gained approval for opening within the National Garden Scheme (NGS) in 2020, but then COVID-19 struck.

Following the death of my mother in 2020 I have decided not to open in 2021 but hope to be back for 2022.


About the garden:
I took ownership of 'The Willows' in August 2017 and immediately went to work on the garden, having brought literally thousands of plants with me. The presence of a koi pond helped me decide to go with a Japanese theme.

I am a passionate plantswoman: the garden was never going to be a strict interpretation of Japanese gardens - which tend towards a limited range of plants and minimal planting. .For this reason I am calling it a Japanese-inspired garden.




Shady area

Koi pond

Dry Stream

New Pond

Tea Garden

Hokusai's Great Wave

Yew Courtyard

Aster Beds

New Ditch

Bamboo Grove



Vicki Martin

Tel: 01284 735950

Mob: 07484 333386​


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