japanese inspired garden

I'm delighted to be part of the National Garden Scheme (NGS or 'the yellow book') in 2020, opening only by arrangement.

Entry is £4 per person (which goes straight to NGS). I can also offer an additional package for an extra £4 (£8 per person total) to include a talk and/or garden tour, my A3 folded full colour garden guide with map, info and photos, and refreshments (tea/coffee/cold drinks, snacks eg. cake/biscuits).


About the garden:
I took ownership of 'The Willows' in August 2017 and immediately went to work on the garden, having brought literally thousands of plants with me. The presence of a koi pond helped me decide to go with a Japanese theme.

I am a passionate plantswoman: the garden was never going to be a strict interpretation of Japanese gardens - which tend towards a limited range of plants and minimal planting. .For this reason I am calling it a Japanese-inspired garden.




Shady area

Koi pond

Dry Stream

New Pond

Tea Garden

Hokusai's Great Wave

Yew Courtyard

Aster Beds

New Ditch

Bamboo Grove



Vicki Martin BSc(Hons), BVSc
The Willows, Rectory Road, Whepstead, IP29 4TE


Tel: 01284 735950

Mob: 07484 333386


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