This bank was created from pond and ditch excavations, and contains some very heavy clay. Sometimes I refer to it as 'the clay bank' but I like the name 'Himalayas'.

Not surprisingly most of the plants are ones selected for their ability to grow in clay soil: SyringaEuonymus, Cornus, Mahonia, Salix, Buddleja, Berberis georgei, Sorbus wardii, Hamamellis 'Frederick', Betula medwediwii 'Gold Bark', Polygonatum, Persicaria, Rudbeckia, Hosta, Brunnera, Bergenia, Rheum palmatum 'Atrosanguineum'

Further around, I have inserted an area featuring various fastigiate plants to contrast with more architectural features:

Prunus 'Amanogawa' Taxus baccata 'Aurea Fastigiata' and other cultivars, Zelkova serrata, Cortaderia 'Sunningdale Silver', Parahebe perfoliata, Mahonia, Salix, Euphorbia sikkimensis, Bergenia


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