Great wave

This part of my garden is a horticultural representation of the Hokusai's famous print 'The Great Wave of Kanawaga' (see https://theculturetrip.com/asia/japan/articles/hokusai-s-great-wave )

There is a mound representing Mt Fuji, with silver foliage/white flowering planting on top to represent snow, and two weathered limestone rocks represent the two fishing boats.

Planting includes drifts of perennials, some chosen for their ability to remain still (e.g. Bergenia, Agapanthus, Kniphofia) and others which will move with the wind (Phlox, grasses).


Key shrubs and evergreens/conifers provide winter structure.


Representing the great wave itself is a trained specimen of Sequoia sempervirens 'Adpressa'. Two weathered limestone boulders stand in for the two rowing boats in Hokusai's design.