tea garden

This is my 'take' on a Japanese tea garden (it's not a typical one).


Because it's my main route to the stables, the stepping stones of a traditional tea garden would not practical. Instead, I have a central path (lit at night by four traditional; lanterns).

The aim of a tea garden is to create a tranquil environment which brings one attention from everyday life into the present in preparation for the tea ceremony.

Fencing creates a confined space (as is often the case in tea gardens which are adjacent to the tea house), with limited views beyond.


Planting is quiet and un-jarring, featuring more foliage than flowers, trees for shade (mine still have some growing to do), muted colours, little scent and only naturalistic pruning methods.


The Oribe lantern by the water basin is often associated with less conventional designs (Oribe was, like me, a bi of a rebel!).