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Suffolk Open Studios preparations

The postcards I had printed (1,250 copies!) came back from the printers earlier this week, so the task of distributing them to local businesses has begun.

Somehow the arrival of these cards - and other printed items (postcards of art and photos of my Japanese-inspired garden, plus a few prints of artworks) has really spurred me into action - and led me to realise just how much there is still to do! It's both daunting and exciting.

I'm now working on a 2m tall display (left - in fact this is an earlier version which has now been superceded) with information about the relationship between art and post-traumatic stress.

The display uses some of my Chinese brush paintings to portray features described in the text in an entertaining manner.

There will be a set of six postcards on sale which pick up on this information, and in some cases add to the level of detail offered.

I am also working on some large, framed artworks (which will be for sale) which pick up on the 'Where do your eyes want to go?' exercise. I acquired some mounts which have multiple apertures, and hope to include a range of different images which will entice your hungry eyes to find what feels good to look at, helping your nervous system to calm down.

Looking forward to see you at Open Studios next month!

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