Illustration and design

I started out as a freelance illustrator and designer in 1993.


My background (degrees in physiology and veterinary science, and having worked at both Addenbrooke's and Papworth hospitals as a research assistant/audit coordinator) means the majority of my work has had a scientific/medical/veterinary connection, but I have also ventured into areas including TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) and Green Party literature (Helen Geake's 2019 general election campaign, and local campaign literature for groups across Suffolk).

My passion is communicating science visually in a way that is engaging and meets the needs of multiple audiences, from lay to specialist.

In particular, I have done much work for TOFS (Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula Support) including an introductory video for new parents, and a 5* reviewed, 256 page full colour book, 'The TOF Book' (available on Amazon), for which I was co-editor, illustrator and designer. This book was intended to provide a resource for

  1. families of children born with OA/TOF (and indeed it is often referred to as 'the TOF bible)

  2. older patients who were born with OA/TOF ('adult TOFs') - which, incidentally, includes me, as I was born with OA/TOF myself

  3. medical professionals who rarely encounter this condition (incidence ~1 in 3,000) such as the primary care team.

More recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I approached the Independent SAGE committee offering whiteboard animations (available on my YouTube channel) to get their message out on Twitter and other social media platforms - and then Dr Nisreen Alwan to provide a vehicle for her important message about Long COVID (one video gained over quarter of a million views on Twitter within 48 hours). All my COVID work has been on a voluntary basis.

I am very much a person who likes to understand in order to take a message on board, and I believe my therapeutic interests serve me well in finding a way to get a viewer 'on side' - as a result of a process of my putting myself in the other's position and taking into account factors affecting their perspective.

Some pages from The TOF Book (click on image to see larger/complete version)