(or bare earth)

My mother's garden in Berkshire, which I designed and planted.

It was nearly all lawn beforehand!

Unfortunately until the COVID-19 pandemic has been sufficiently controlled it is not possible for me to offer bodywork sessions.


My personal interest is work with trauma: I have completed two years of a three year Somatic Experiencing course. This has altered my perspective somewhat from my original Biodynamic Massage training.

I believe that regular bodywork can help people to relax into who they a really are, and to be open to their experiences, and to other people, in a way that is much needed in these divided times.






I originally trained as a veterinary surgeon and also have a degree in physiology - but have pursued a varied career path and have many different interests!

  • I've worked at the Animal Health Trust (equine research), Addenbrooke's hospital (clinical audit, paediatrics), Papworth (clinical research assistant), The Sanger Centre (research assistant, clinical genetics) ... and at Beeches and Monksilver (plant) nurseries.

  • I've participated in trainings in (for example) traditional acupuncture and trauma therapy, in rose pruning and meadow-making, and in use of Photoshop and Indesign.

All this means you could either see me as a 'jack of all trades' (or at least of many trades) or someone who can bring different influences to my work. Your choice!

I'm a besotted dog owner (two German Shorthaired Pointers;
Seren and Dottie, pictured right) and horse owner (Ciara). In 2020 I also 'inherited' my mother's Tibetan spaniel, Ellie.

I moved to the Bury St Edmunds area in 2017. The presence of a koi pond (complete with fish) at the property led to my Japanese-inspired garden, which is my major passion.