Planting make-over

I'm not a garden designer per se, but I enjoy making changes to people's planting schemes so that they can enjoy their outside space

Do you want a different style of garden? Lower maintenance? More or fewer flowers (sometimes foliage can be really calming) and a summer focus for patio usage or an all-seasons interest space? Do you need a child or dog friendly garden?

Perhaps you just want the garden to look better, with no particular idea of what you want - maybe in advance of a property sale or rental.

Some people find gardens daunting and have no idea what to do with them - no mind the time required to visit nurseries or garden centres (in person or online), choose plants, prepare soil and then position and plant purchases.

Sometimes clever planting can be used to slow weed growth, by providing ground cover to limit weed seed germination.

Different plants in the same space can also be used to provide a succession of flowers and interest.

I look forward to working with you!