regular garden maintenance

I'm not your most economic route for lawn-mowing or power-washing the patio (I would generally only do these tasks if I'm also tending borders and other plantings), but I genuinely enjoy weeding and looking after plants.

My lifestyle does not suit work which is required to be a set number of hours at a set time on a set day of the week - so I don't work that way. I don't think it's the most efficient way of using my services anyway - some weeks barely anything will need doing, but occasionally a more major task is required which will take more time, and splitting it between visits is a pain.

I like to work with the garden owner where possible.
Older folk in particular are no longer able to do the physical work in their garden but need help but are dismayed at the treatment their beloved patch gets from brought-in-services. "They don't look after it like I did" is an oft-heard cry!

My main gardening influences include Great Dixter's voluminous planting schemes, Beth Chatto's 'right plant for the right place' and odd more specialist areas such as exotic gardens, Japanese gardens, and vegetable gardening.


I also really value all year round interest in a garden, and the importance of structure from trees, shrubs and garden structures/ornaments.

However, if you want a rigidly manicured space with a perfect lawn and pristine gravel driveways or paths, I'm probably not your ideal source of help. I see mown grass as 'green stuff to sit, walk or play on' which also helps to set off the rest of the garden elements (as opposed to a moss and weed-free criss-cross mown 'lawn') - and I think gardens should be relaxed spaces where to some extent plants can mingle and set one another off. They should look natural rather than contrived.

The closer you are to my postcode (IP29 4TE) the more I can offer you. My rate is £20/h (I can take credit/debit card payments) but discounts are available to garden enthusiasts who would otherwise struggle to pay.