One-off Garden sort-out

Nature has a way of taking over ... if neglected or inappropriately managed, plants can get too big or fail to thrive - and your borders get over-run by weeds.

Sorting out a garden is gratifying work. I can promise I won't practice 'hedgecutter gardening' (indiscriminate carving of plants into rounded 'lollipops'), nor will I knowingly hack back something that is about to flower (at least not without checking with you beforehand).

If you have a particularly troublesome weed then I will advise you appropriately and not just (for example) rip the tops off for it to regrow.


I may won't be able to name every single plant in your garden but I would expect to get 9 out of 10 of them ... my knowledge is well above average and I'm prepared to do research if I don't know..

If there's a lot of garden waste from the work, I have a trailer and and remove this but there will be a charge. Your green or brown bin may not be sufficient! Skip hire is an option, or putting waste into large bags for collection by specialist recycling companies; I also have a shredder if you would like woody waste reduced for a compost heap. I am a wimp about bonfires so I am not prepared to get involved in that route myself.

Garden tidies can take time. My rate is £20/h (I can take credit/debit card payments), and depending on distance and the quantity of work there may be a travel fee.