therapeutic bodywork

biodynamic massage is a form of massage originally used within psychotherapy
  • It aims to assist in the resolution of  internal conflicts and to reconnect a client with their authentic self (which feels a bit like 'coming home').

  • No need to undress if you choose not to.

  • No oils or creams are used.

  • The touch varies from sessions to session from deep through to extremely gentle (and sometimes non-touch i.e. in your energy field). The experience is enjoyable and respectful.

  • My personal interest is work with trauma: I have completed two years of a three year Somatic Experiencing (SE) course. This has altered my perspective somewhat from my original Biodynamic Massage training. SE work will involve talking while following body sensations/movements, and remaining in contact with the environment.


Please get in touch (see below) if you have a query or would like to book a short taster (free) or full session (£40). I can take cash and credit/debit card payments.

Full sessions last 1hr and take place in a dedicated ground floor room at my home in Whepstead (about 4 miles from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk), where there is ample off road parking.